The Vicar's Newsletter for 18 April

Dear all,
Here is the link for tomorrow's Benefice Service. Unfortunately, we had an unforeseen problem which means this video shows all three of us who took part in the recording permanently on screen. Ordinarily those not speaking have to remain silent so as not to hinder the sound issues which is why there is no obvious participation in the service as such during the recording. Hey-ho... we are learning as we go along! Thanks to Joy Ossai for reading the lesson and Julie Hay for the prayers this week. Next week Julie will be preaching. 
Here is the video link:
I understand that some of you don't know how to access the video recording of the service. Simply place your cursor over the blue link above and right click on your mouse. This should open up the website page. Then do the same over the Sunday Service video link. Then click on the red block in the middle of the video picture to start it. You will need sound on your device.
At the bottom of this email you will find a Word file with tomorrow's order of service (so you can participate in the recorded video service). It can be printed off on an A4 sheet if you use both sides.  Why not join in around 10.00am so that you know you are sharing in worship at the same time as others?
Julie Hay is placing a daily prayer on our Cafe & church Facebook page.
For those not online
If you are in touch with church members on the phone who don't have or can't use the Internet, please do encourage them to look out for TV and radio programmes offering worship and reflection for Easter Day. There is Sunday Worship on BBC Radio 4 at 8.10am and on BBC1 at 10.15am with Songs of Praise at 1.15pm.
A little later I will forward to you the The Journal of the Diocese of York for your interest. It includes a message from Archbishop Sentamu as well as information about other online prayer. Some other items will not be relevant. 
If you need help by way of doing some local shopping, please do get in touch with me. Or, if you just want to have a chat (or to pray together over the phone) please feel free to call me. Tel. 01723 448351
If for any reason you prefer not to be included on this mailing please just send me an email and I will remove yours from the list. Many thanks. 
With blessings and prayers,

Revd Tim Parker

Vicar of Hertford Benefice: