Men Only

Come on guys, what did you expect on a church website?  But now you are here why not have a read anyway?


I was a 'man's man' working in the coarse, rough and tumble world of building sites and shipyards as an electrician. I never thought about God and to me Jesus was just a fairy story for women, wimps and kids. Certainly not for 'real men'.

At the age of 27 I came as close to a breakdown as I ever want to come and it showed itself in my becoming absolutely terrified of the dark. Something a man wouldn't admit to other men (or indeed their wife!). However after much persuasion from my wife I went to see a doctor who just happened to be a Christian. As well as giving me medication he also spoke about God and Jesus' love of me. Information I really didn't want to hear or know about. However that night as I lay terrifed in my bed in the dark I decided I would make a deal with the God this doctor spoke of with such conviction. The deal ..... 'You stop this happening to me and I'll give You some thought'. God kept His side of my deal that very night but it was some weeks after this before I kept my side of my deal. Jesus, the Light of the World, had scattered my darkness and set me free. I have loved Him and followed Him ever since.

So what?

In the UK the highest cause of death in men UNDER the age oF 44 is suicide!  Men of all ages are suffering depression, breakdowns, having thoughts of suicide and they are not speaking to anyone about how they feel.

As one who has been there, literally on the edge, I now KNOW there is always hope, always a positive way out. But more importantly I KNOW there is One who always cares, who never turns His back or closes His ears. One who will always be there for us. Jesus.

Maybe if you are reading this and you are going through a hard time or feeling life is just not worth it then you too might try talking to Him and share with Him how you feel. 

May you know the peace of God which is beyond our full and human understanding. And may you know His loving care and find complete safety in His arms.


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