Service In Church at 11am

All Saints Morning Service

On the 9th August we had a Communion Service in our church and 44 people attended for Ministry, Praise and Worship!!!

We're back!! Join us this week for Morning Worship 16th August at 11am!!!

We have prepared this service to conform with Government and Church of England Guidance. In order to have a service we have to comply with a multitude of requirements which may make the service seem unusual and restrict what you would normally do. The following is a list of main points which we will have to adjust to. Please follow all directions by designated sidespeople.

  • You will be asked to queue up at the porch door standing at two meter intervals on the church paths where marked.

  • Points of contact such as door handles will be regularly cleaned. Doors will be propped open and you are asked not to touch anything. Hand gel and paper towels will be available (place in the bin provided after use).

  • You will be picked up at the porch door and ushered to the next available seat filling up from the front. All seating will be at 2m intervals, people who you are ‘bubbling’ with will be allowed to sit in a group.

  • In your seat will be a form for reporting for ‘Test and Trace’. You will be asked to write down your name and phone number and if you are sitting in a group one name and the number in the group. The form will be deposited in a basket near the chancel door as you leave. Please bring your own pen with you

  • Entry will be via the porch door and exit through the chancel door after the service. Please wait to be directed when leaving. Anybody with mobility problems please advise a sidesperson for alternative arrangements.

  • All bibles and other reading matter is not allowed in the pews (other than one trip notices and test and trace sheets). The order of service and hymns will be projected. If there is a notice sheet in the pews, please ensure you take it with you and not hand it in!

  • The toilet is available but needs extra cleaning by a sidesperson after use. It would help if you could pay an extra toilet visit at home before you come.

  • There will be music in the service but no singing by the congregation. It spreads germs!

  • There will be no possibility of socialising, before or tea or coffee after the service because of social distancing rules.

  • As well as the body of the church the prayer area, balcony and kitchen seating may be made available. Extra seating is only available when directed by a sideperson.

  • The collection will be at entry at the porch door as is normal for us.

  • Wearing masks is compulsory at the present time.

  • Attendees in extra at risk categories are advised on the risk of attendance. The decision remains with the individual.

  • There are none of our normal provisions for children. Children are welcome but require the supervision of their parents or guardians.

  • Anyone showing Corvid 19 symptoms are advised to go home and contact NHS111.