Update from the Testers in Peru

Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings from Lima, Peru! We hope that this email finds you well and that in these challenging times you know the peace of God.

We wanted to send you all a quick line to update you on things here in Peru in these unprecedented times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we have fewer cases here than in the UK the entire country has rapidly entered a national lockdown to protect its vulnerable people, including closing its borders. We are quarantined in our home and Sarah is allowed out to buy basic supplies during the day. No private cars are allowed to circulate and so it is very quiet. There is a curfew here from 8pm to 5am and the armed forces are out to ensure it is followed. In amongst all of this there are some positives. The peace and quiet and improved air quality for a start. And the 8pm applause across the city for all those working to keep us safe is a wonderful demonstration of community spirit.

For all five of us being in quite a small confined space in our apartment has its challenges, particularly with three girls full of energy. The girls were really upset when school was closed just a week after the new school year began. Sarah is doing wonders on home schooling and coming up with creative entertainment ideas. The small patch of grass by the garage is a real blessing that allows for some fresh air and mud pie making! The girls had been asking for months to have a pet rabbit and we decided to take the plunge two days before lockdown was announced. Phew! Coco and Snowy are certainly helping with everyone's stress levels. Paul is working normally albeit from the back room with the bikes and shoes! He has been in contact with CMS's people across the region and helping support them as they face similar challenges.

We continue to pray for you all and hope that you will continue to pray for us as around the world we are united in a common challenge. In it all we can remember the words of Psalm 118:6 which says "The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid." 

With love and prayers from us all,

Paul, Sarah, Sophia, Emily and Annabelle 

20 March 2020