Becoming A Christian

One of the saddest images in the Bible is that of Adam and Eve hiding from God after they had disobeyed Him and eaten the fruit of the tree of life which God told them not to eat. That is a very powerful picture of what the Bible calls sin, rebellion against God's best plans and love for us. Sin separates us from God's presence. Left to our own ways mankind can never restore that relationship. So God sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross as the last and perfect sacrifice to pay for our sin. Jesus' death for our life. Through His death the power of sin is broken and the way opened for us to know God, to receive His love and to love Him.

Christianity is NOT about what WE do, straining to do more good deeds, praying more, giving more, performing certain rites and rituals or keeping the rules (as good as those things may be). Christianity is unique in its teaching that it is ALL about what Jesus HAS done. He has paid the price for our forgiveness and to ensure us of eternal life.

Being a Christian (or becoming a Christian) isn't dependant on what country we are born in or what culture we are raised in. It isn't dependant on what religion our parents are or our community is. Nor is it just about going to church or being good. Christianity is first and foremost realising we do things and say things which hurt others and therefore hurt God. The Bible tells us that we all need to repent, which simply means to do a 'U' turn in our lives, actions and thinking. We turn away from our old way of life and turn afresh to God, to walk His ways. A Christian is a person who has asked Jesus into their life as Lord and Saviour. That new life is then lived out day by day in a personal and intimate relationship with God as our Father and in the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us.

If you would like to become a Christian then maybe you would like to pray the following prayer asking Jesus into your life, giving Him control.  Find somewhere quiet where you will not be interrupted, be still for a moment and from the heart pray ............

Almighty and most powerful God, I confess before You that there are things I have done in my life of which I am ashamed. I come to You now and confess my sins (you may like to name them before God). I ask You, Jesus Christ, to forgive me and come into my life. Be my Lord and Saviour. Cleanse me of all my sin and make me whole. Pour Your love into my heart and let it overflow to touch others.  Send Your Holy Spirit to live within me to enable me to live out Your new life in me. I ask this, Jesus, in Your mighty and powerful name.    Amen



It is a good idea (if you are able) to go and tell someone what you have done, let others know that you have become a Christian.  Try and find a Church where you will be taught and helped to grow in your new found faith. A Church where you can become part of God's Family.

May God our perfect Father in Heaven bless you our new brother or sister.