Our Mission Links


Paul and Sarah work with SAMS ( South American Mission Society, now part of CMS) in the Diocese of Peru, based in LIma.

Paul is a qualified Civil Engineer and has used his gifts in the Diocese alongside his main role in the youth programme.

Sarah, a teacher, has been developing the ARK play scheme which helps children in Lima's poorest communities to learn through play.

Sophia and Emily have opened up a whole new area of contacts with other mums. Sarah takes them to the park and toddlers groups where everyone wants to see them.



DOCTOR BONN OSSAI is the husband of Joy, our Spring Cafe Manager, They have four adult children, Richard, then triplets Ruth, Luke and Andy. Bonn lives in Onitshia, Nigeria where he runs his own hospital as a GP, Surgeon. Joy and Bonn are regular commuters between the UK and Nigeria. Bonn's Father, Alfred, is the village Chief of the Oweze Eze Orba Village.  For the first time ever an Anglican Church is being built in the village and Bonn is heavily involved in fund raising and overseeing the project. We have been privileged to help financially with this project.








JIM AND CHRIS HOSACK Have lived and worked in Thailand with the Assemblies of God Church for many years. Jim is the Country Coordinator for AOG Mission in Thailand and also serves as the Director of the Thailand AOG Bible Institute.

Chris is heavily involved in Children's ministry with the National Church and organises training events locally, nationally and internationally for those working in children's ministry.



BISHOP PETER AND SALLY BARTLETT worked in Bolivia with SAMS (now CMS). After returning to the UK to take up the role of Vicar in St Helen's he was appointed and consecrated Bishop of Paraguay where they have lived since 2008.






RELEASE INTERNATIONAL works with Christians in many countries wherever Christians are persecuted for their faith. This persecution comes from a variety of sources such as other religions, political systems and ideologies.

Release International help provide teaching for church leaders, support for victims of persecution, especially widows and orphans, Bibles and Bible teaching material. Release also speaks out at all and every level of Governments and media for those being persecuted.



                                                                     We also support...

CHILDREN IN DISTRESS is an organisation started in the late 80s, early 90s when Romania was just opening up. Children were  literally being thrown on rubish heaps with suspected AIDS/HIV. Rev Dr John Walmsley had a vision to open a hospice to help work with these children. Originally called Romania Christian Aid. Our Vicar, Jeff, has had links since the first Hospice was opened in Cernavoda.

TEAR FUND a Christian Aid chairty working predominantly in Asia and Africa.

CLAAS ( Centre for Legal Advice Assistance and Settlement) is made up of a group of Christian Lawyers working under the leadership of Mr Joseph Francis a Senior Pakistan Lawyer who is the recipient of many awards nationally and internationally for his work for justice. CLAAS work in Lahore and the wider country of Pakistan with Christians who are being persecuted and often falsely accused of blasphemy. His own life has been put in danger on many occasions for this work.

LEPROSY MISSION is an international Christian development organisation that diagnoses, treats and offers advice on Leprosy. Their main work is in Asia and Africa.

CPAS The Church Pastoral Aid Society is an Anglican evenagelical mission agency producing teaching and training material for all and everry aspect of church life. They run holiday camps for children across the nation under the CYFA and EXPLORERS banner CPAS presently also act as trustees for All Saints Church on behalf of the Martyrs Memorial Trust.

MARTIN AND SHIRLEY SINCLAIR work for OMF in Cambodia. At present they are working in the uk with a view to returning to Cambodia in 2015.

We are also members of the EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE



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