Weddings and Baptisms

BAPTISM (also called Christening)

Baptism goes right back to the start of the Christian faith.  It was the public means of letting everyone know you had become a Christian. It is also a very symbolic act which involved adults (mainly) being totally submersed in water as a sign of having their sins washed away by Jesus.  Over the centuries Baptism lost much of its meaning for many people and is now often seen as a tradition, a rite of passage.

Having your child Baptised is an important step which is why we ask all parents to think about what they are doing and why they are doing it. In Baptism Parents and Godparents will be asked to make vows about their belief in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They also have to promise to bring up the child being Baptised within the Christian tradition by their own teaching and example.

Being Baptised will not make a child a Christian but it can be an excellent place to start a journey of faith.

Usually children are baptised in the parish church where the parents now reside. However if the parents have a strong enough link with another parish, such as where they grew up, got married or were Baptised then arrangements can be made for the Baptism to take place in that Parish.

Here at All Saints baptisms take place only on the first Sunday of the month either in the main family service at 11am, or on occasion separately at a slightly later time when this is deemed appropriate or indeed necessary due to clergy availability. We also try to keep to one baptism each month to make it individual to each child being baptised. It may well be, therefore, you will be offered a date months ahead of your inquiry.

There are NO fees for Baptisms.



There are certain legalities about which church a couple may be married in. Although these laws have been recently changed a couple still cannot simply choose any church to marry in. The law of the land states that for a couple to be eligible to marry in a specific church one or both of them should live in the parish of the church they wish to marry in. Under new regulations called 'A Qualifying Connection' a couple may now marry in a parish other than where they reside as long as they have lived in that parish, their parents or grandparents live there or other strong links. The Vicar will be very pleased to discuss this with you in more detail if you wish.

The rules regarding the re-marrying in church of anyone who is divorced have also been amended. If either of a couple wishing to marry have been divorced this will need to be discussed with the Vicar prior to booking a date.

We also ask that nothing else is booked UNTIL you have been to see the Vicar and set a date for the church.

Fees for weddings are set, in the main, by each Diocese (in our case YORK DIOCESE) with other fees set by the church to cover costs of choir, bells, organist, etc.

If you would like to talk about either a wedding or a Christening in Hunmanby or Muston then call our vicar Tim Parker on 01723 448351 and he will explain how to proceed.